Sands of Destruction

Day 2

Begin journal entry - 

Day 2 on my quest set for me. I have since encountered many people, few who interest me. As I am on my quest I am in need of supplies to better my equipment to help me. The people who I am "traveling" with are helpful in tagging people but they seem to need help with their personal life. I am still debating helping them when i am done with my quest. I will help them until my quest is completed and im able to return. They do seem suspicious of what im trying to do but they have not tried to stop me yet. So far i have tagged 3 people 1 who was much stronger than the rest and gave me a hard time. The more strong people we tag the closer i am to being done with this quest and returning. 

Souls tagged – 3

This concludes my progress report.

- End journal entry


wowhead13 A_Penguins

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