Sands of Destruction

A Strange Thing

Devon's recount

Today's venture to selling this unusually dragonshard took strange turn, but let me start from the beginning.  

I met with my usually buyer, Saldar down in the harbor district.  He was curious about the stone's strange color as I was. He wanted to call for a expert, but had recently run into trouble a 'new' group interfering with his members.   

He requested that I run an errand for him with some others, to ensure another group was still on his side.   The other two that tag along, seem useful enough to complete the task.   

While investigating an entrance to the 'Kingdom Below', walked into a sewer interested with a torch… No one was harmed, but I did find a receipt on a corpse. 

Visiting another entrance we were escorted by kobold that goes by the name of Flesk to visit Igor Ratski, leader of the 'Kingdom Below'.  We had a little trouble with a drunk troll. The female catfolk was a useful distraction, the strange cloak man just mostly stood there. I made the troll submit quickly. 

We spoke with Igor and discovered he was having a similar issue with his underlings going missing.  Again we were requested to investigate, then we would show is allegiance to Saldar. 

During our investigation we came across a trapped room, but I quickly disabled the roo, childs play really.  In the next room, we came across a strange fixture that teleported us into a storage room.  Nothing that could be lifted quickly, but there was a well persevered corpse in there.  

We did run into a small altercation outside the storage room, rabble that was barely worth the effort. The cloaked stranger Lex did something strange, he appeared to have absorbed one of the defeated men. I'll have to keep a close eye on him. 

Eventually we made our reports back to both Igor and Saldar.  As for the dragonshard, I came to the conclusion to hold onto it for the time being. There seems to be something else going on. 



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